Solvryn℠ Enterprise

Enterprise Software

Providing multiple applications in one platform. All your departments will access a central data repository.

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Web Based Portal Access

Our system provides access through the Internet. This secure portal allows multiple business divisions to access the same data.

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Data and System Security

Our system resides on our own servers. We have multiple locations for redundant back up and have routine system back ups of all the data.

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Validation and Error Correction

Our process uses numerous validations to filter bad or missing data before it is consumed by the applications.

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Featured Functionality

A single repository that can be used by all departments

Accuracy and efficiency can be achieved by utilizing a single data source across your business. Having a single source of information reduces errors and improves the ability to take a proactive approach to improving customer service, program effectiveness, and revenue.

Management Web portal with relevant and timely reports

Solvryn℠ Enterprise provides management and staff with a number of existing reports and queries that have been developed over the past decade. In addition, clients can customize any query or report to meet their specific needs.

Data and System Security

GPT has implemented multi-layer security measures that enable our clients to provide user specific access and viewing rights.

GPT meets all regulatory requirements for security and confidentiality of customer data. We have the technology in place to meet the encryption requirements of utilities requiring that level of security.

GPT has implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to meet industry requirements and the strict security requirements of GPT’s customers, which include Global Fortune 10 companies. As part of its SOP, GPT does not utilize ‘cloud’ services for any part of our data exchange or billing process. GPT has its own dedicated servers, located at a minimum of two geographically separate locations.

In addition, as part of the SOP, GPT has hired a third party systems and security company to provide constant testing and monitoring of the GPT servers. A real-time alert is sent to GPT if there are any system security warnings or updates required to be investigated by GPT staff. There are also weekly and quarterly report log summaries that are provided to document the health and security of the servers and firewall.

GPT maintains backup copies of the all data sets in separate geographic locations and additional redundant copies are kept from different time periods. There are a minimum of three domains available for system switchover in the event of a geographic system failure.

Web Based Portal Access

Solvryn℠ Enterprise is very unique because our clients are given access rights to a secure, online portal with a dashboard interface that includes standard and customizable reports.

The Web portal allows users to execute a variety of reports and automated analytics through dropdown forms.

Access to the Web portal can be controlled through Business Rules that define the information available in the portal for each department. Each department can create additional Business Rules to define the information that each staff member can access.

The portal has turn-key functions and reports that are immediately available to all our clients. In addition, GPT staff will work with users to create custom reports or screen layouts that may be needed for legacy systems or processes.

Along with the standard data sets obtained by Solvryn℠ Enterprise, additional client reports or data can be imported into Solvryn℠ Enterprise so all the necessary information resides in one convenient location and is accessible through a Web portal.

Validation, Error Correction and Reporting

The Solvryn℠ Enterprise validation and reporting module utilizes multiple layers of Business Rules to dictate how the data is filtered and processed.

Solvryn℠ Enterprise includes an existing set of proprietary Business Rules that define key validations and filters. The ability to identify and filter out bad data can save time and money by allowing clients to take a proactive approach in correcting these issues.

In addition to the ability to control validations, the Business Rules can be used to filter data into useful reports and functions. The reports are updated in real-time because the data is being pulled from the main data repository.

The customer service representatives can also have the tools/offers necessary to incentivize customers to stay, or win-back customers that have disconnected. The retention offers are defined in the deal entry system and can be made available in the customer service portal. In addition to incentive offers, representatives will also have the ability to offer other products or services that can be activated in their portal depending on the customer class and utility region.