About Us

Customer Focused

Founded in 2004, GPT, Inc. is a California corporation that provides advanced energy information services for some of the largest supply and trading companies in North America. GPT delivers innovative business intelligence tools specifically to meet the needs of energy suppliers and consumers. Our ability to provide our clients with unprecedented Big Data processing and reporting is a culmination of our practical knowledge and our advanced software development capabilities.

Our mission is to be an energy information service company who sets industry standards for operating efficiencies, data management and customer service. These elements offer a platform for developing opportunities and optimization, thus creating long-term sustainable value for our customers.

Of these activities, the offering of data management, business intelligence and analytics for our customers is the most quantifiable value-add. GPT creates value for our customers by performing a number of distinct service activities, which ease the burden of acquiring and managing the vast amount of data associated with energy supply and delivery. By aggregating balancing activities, administrative and billing activities, reporting activities and risk management activities, GPT is able to provide a superior level of service for our customers.

Our Team

GPT staff has extensive experience in System Development, Data Exchange, Back-Office Services, Supply Management, Customer Relationship Management, Trading, Operations and Risk Management. We have experience working for, and with, Global Fortune 10 energy companies. We also assist clients in building up from the ground floor into successful aggregations across the United States.

We understand the details of retail aggregation, which often get overlooked but are absolutely critical for the economic success of our clients. We pay attention to those details and can provide you with a turnkey front-office to back-office solution.