Advanced Technology Solution

Solvryn® Enterprise System

GPT provides big data processing and business intelligence applications through our Solvryn® Enterprise system. GPT has developed our system to ensure high quality and efficient workflows for the following services: data exchange, data validation, automated enrollment processing, deal management, rate management, advanced billing, accounting, forecasting, climate smart commodity management, environmental certificate management, and data analysis. Solvryn® Enterprise is secure and highly scalable, with role-based security that includes embedded segregation of duties logic. The Web-based system is flexible and integrates multiple data flows including: usage, generation data, billing and payment information, detailed customer information, GHG emissions, weather data, and supply information. Solvryn® Enterprise supports multiple commodity and renewable product types, enabling real-time access to customer interactions with embedded business intelligence.

Solvryn® Enterprise delivers data exchange and a non-intrusive protective layer of real-time filtering. Our clients use the data and analytics to uncover actionable insights and implement innovative programs and services. Solvryn® Enterprise has a real-time validation monitoring feature that enables our clients to proactively address data gaps, questionable data, and customer issues.

Our clients' success directly relates to our success. Consequently, we are motivated to provide services that improve efficiency and accuracy. We achieve this through the utilization of Solvryn® Enterprise. The advanced functionality available in Solvryn® Enterprise is proven and is continually being enhanced to meet the new advancements in the data management and blockchain industry.

Robust Data Exchange

Our dynamic data processing interface enables us to exchange various file formats with utilities, system operators, and our clients' existing systems.
Utilities across North America do not utilize standard file formats or exchange processes. Consequently, we have developed automated procedures to handle the most difficult data retrieval processes and file formats delivered by the utilities.

Solvryn® Enterprise ensures high-quality and consistent exchange while managing large volumes of data in utility Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other utility formats. Solvryn® Enterprise captures data from a myriad of sources and consolidates the data into a single data repository. As a result, we are able to offer our clients a single platform for all data management, and a variety of innovative services built on our comprehensive enterprise system.

Solvryn® Enterprise will consume EDI, CSV, XML, or other nonstandard file formats to efficiently obtain all available information from the utilities. GPT utilizes advanced automated routines to acquire data from even the most difficult utility processes.

Solvryn® Enterprise has multiple layers of validations that automatically identify suspect, corrupt, or missing data delivered from the ISO/utility. It subsequently applies proprietary validation criteria for issue identification, error resolution, and verification protocols. These validation layers can be customized through Business Rules defined by the user. Any issues that require manual resolution are automatically flagged in the Web portal validation dashboard for review by staff. These processes and protocols ensure that data is checked and corrected within required time frames.

In addition, Solvryn® Enterprise includes a Supply and Resources API specifically developed for retail energy portfolio management applications. Our single repository enables our clients to use third party applications to extend the value of the available data and manage the complete cycle of their data, from the enrollment to online customer service.

Advanced Back-Office Services

Solvryn® Enterprise was developed to handle different commodities, services, rate structures, and billing formats.

Solvryn® Enterprise has a sophisticated set of billing types to select from. The billing can be automatically produced and sent directly from the Solvryn® Enterprise system, sent to the utility, sent to a client's legacy billing system, or sent directly to a customer. Solvryn® Enterprise offers utility consolidated, dual billing, or supplier consolidated billing (including the utility distribution charges).

There are numerous choices that our clients need to make regarding billing methods, format, and delivery. We have developed the flexibility to handle a wide range of billing options. Solvryn® Enterprise can create complex consolidated multi-tier bills, simple single rate dual bills, and many other variations in between.

The Solvryn® billing module is integrated with an advanced deal entry system. The deal entry system enables our clients to select different commodity types that include electricity, natural gas, water, renewable energy, and environmental certificates. The contract terms define the deal rate class, index, fixed, multiple tiers, and calendar. In addition, the deal entry module contains an advanced grouping function that enables different rates or pricing offers to be applied to specific groups of customers. This is very useful in mass marketing or mass enrollments of several accounts with the same pricing terms. The group deal functionality also can allocate specific deal volumes across multiple accounts, based on business rules defined by the user. This functionality is very useful to easily update different program offers, provide convenient pricing for multi-site customers, and can be critical for multi-site customers.

Solvryn® Enterprise also advanced billing functions that were developed to meet specific line-item calculation requirements. As an example, we have a very extensive utility tax module that utilizes business rules to accurately calculate different types of tax and fee structures ranging from volumetric to fixed fees. Solvryn® has a usage parsing module that can convert cycle data to calendar data and bill on calendar months to coincide with wholesale supply transactions. Our system has a sophisticated electric rate module to handle time of use rates, seasonal rates, utility distribution rates, tiered rates, regulatory fees, net energy metering, and numerous other billing components that can be user defined in the business rules. Obtaining smart meter, Green Button, Orange Button, and HAN data enables us to provide timely and accurate bills utilizing the available interval data. The automated billing modules increase the accuracy of the bills and can accelerate the billing process.

Supply Management And Reporting

Usage and Forecast BI

Now your staff and management can have user friendly and real-time access to meter level usage information. Solvryn’s business intelligence tools empower our clients to take a proactive approach. Tightly packaged data aggregation (utility data, customer data, weather data, etc. ) with filtering capabilities provides meaningful insights from customer load profiles. The load forecasting and analytic applications assist in better predicting usage patterns based on weather or other statistically relevant drivers.

Real-Time Accounting Reports

The Solvryn® Enterprise portal enables management to have real-time access to key performance indicators. The reports are built from a single repository that includes the actual invoices, payments, and supply costs at the account level. These reports provide management access to high level summaries based on the actual accounting detail used by the accounting department. There is no need to wait for weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates. All the revenues, losses, defaults, credit exposure, aging, and other exposure reports are always available.

Supply and DER Data Access

Resource management and optimization requires the ability to obtain timely and accurate information regarding DER and resource availability. The Solvryn® Enterprise portal provides staff and management access to the real-time data that can be used in your third-party planning and scheduling applications. Program management and tracking are facilitated by grouping at the meter level allowing for ultimate roll-up flexibility. Having access to real-time results is an essential part of being able to adjust and optimize your DER strategies.

Blockchain Technology

The Solvryn® Enterprise blockchain technology is integrated with deal entry, environmental data management, and billing applications.

The advancements in blockchain, the use of cryptocurrency, and the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFT) are playing an important role in growing the market demand for verifiable offsets, ESG co-benefits, and SDG attributes. The blockchain is an immutable ledger that provides the rigor and transparency that has been a hurdle to the carbon offset and sustainable product market expansion. Our enterprise platform uses a decentralized oracle network to support advanced smart contracts on multiple blockchains. Using the decentralized oracle network to integrate our retail management and billing platform provides critical functionality that has also been a deterrent to mass market adoption. We understand how IoT, smart contracts, and the blockchain can be used to dramatically increase the number of potential participants. Solvryn® Enterprise allows us to implement innovative approaches such as NFT sales, Metaverse land sales, and blockchain gamification to create new products and services that will provide meaningful impacts and will enable the implementation of sustainable projects globally.